Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Minority Report


This past season has come and gone. Yet I am still yearning for the day when we can have a cast of models in ALL shows that are diverse. Instead of the occasional sprinkle of minorities to shut everyone up for the time being. PPQ, Mark Fast, Malandrino, and Sykes, made a point to address these subjects of race, body issue, and ageism while showing collections that were exciting and impressive. New York, London, Milan, and Paris all generated a good amount of beautifully crafted garments and established spring looks that we are all looking forward to seeing. Alexander Wang and the volumized side braid, leopard print shoes, in which I always fall victim, and proportions that work for the AW woman, was the collection that officially started off the excitement for the fashion week season.


Acne included great embellishments’ and soothing color palettes and exuded an air of intellect. Malandrinos’ collection had tribal textiles, with historic motifs’ that were accented with head wraps and accessories. Clean and crisp bohemianism was the undertone of the Shipley and Halmos presentation ranging from a black staple piece either it be the blazer or the LBD. To the unique proportions of a few dresses and jackets. The Giles collection had a frantic absurdity that worked very, very well. Not only were the sunglasses stand out pieces , but also the graphic tees, the textiles, and textured top and skirt combo gave the collection distinctness from the other collections. For now we might have a long way to go on the diversity issue in fashion, but in the mean time we can appreciate great collections the four capitals had to offer.


*Photo: yyyvette / style*

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